How to Close a Board Meeting?

How can you conduct the most productive meeting that can affect the growth of productivity and increase the profit of your company?

Board portal – complex digital solution for online meetings

No matter for which area of business operations a cloud solution is introduced, the aspect of the collaboration will play an important role in most cases. This is particularly true for the discipline of project management. The use of a cloud-based solution is particularly useful for planning and implementing projects as all team members can access information regardless of where they are, and the number of annoying meetings can also be significantly reduced through the communication options via the cloud. Working with the board portal in the cloud consists of constant access from servers, which must simultaneously receive large streams of information from all users, process, save, modify and send information back to working machines.

The board meeting is the most difficult and time-consuming process aimed at solving annual goals, objectives, and plans. An effective board meeting is an event that allows you to maintain communication between the divisions of your company. As a result, the motivation of employees should increase, and the decisions made at the planning meeting should be introduced into the work program.

What are the steps to close a board meeting?

  • Setting goals. Each meeting should deal with specific problems and tasks that are put on the agenda. It is not recommended to deviate from the tasks of a particular meeting.
  • Strict regulations. Each meeting should have a specific start and end time, and not globally, but for each task: for example, 30 minutes are allotted for solving a specific issue and not a minute more. Each speaker must meet a strict time frame.
  • Optimal composition. You should not gather all employees of your company for meetings: heads of departments and leading specialists who have a direct solution to the problem should participate in the discussion of current issues.
  • Everyone’s opinion. Everyone who has been invited to the meeting should have the right and opportunity to express their assumptions and opinions regarding the current issue. This is what adequate feedback looks like between employees and the head of the company.
  • You must understand that capturing the main questions and answers is one of the important points of any meeting. As a result, the finished minutes should be received by all participants in the meeting: this will help the workflow.
  • Schedule of the meeting. Meetings should not be spontaneous: each stakeholder should know in advance what time and on what issue they are invited to the meeting.

Conducting a meeting: choosing a strategy

Regardless of the nature of the meeting, it is worth considering several features that will make the process the most productive, comfortable, and fast. They are as follows:

  • The agenda must be prepared in advance, and all participants in the meeting must receive a mailing list with this document, otherwise you will have to bring the audience up to date and waste valuable time.
  • During the meeting, do not deviate from the assigned topic, otherwise, you will have to go beyond the scheduled time.
  • It is best to be guided by the less is more principle in setting the agenda. It is worth moving away from secondary topics and highlighting only those that are fundamentally important for your work here and now.
  • All participants in the meeting must speak strictly in turn, within a strictly limited period, without interrupting or interrupting each other.