How To Select The Most Suitable Board Software?

Choosing the right platform for board video conferencing is one of the priority tasks for the company that is transferring business processes online. Let`s consider what the board portal market offers for various businesses.

The functionality of board software

The development of information technologies and means of communication has created a powerful impetus for the digitalization of economic relations, which is a catalyst and an integral part of innovative development and has led to new opportunities to improve business processes. Digitalization for business, namely for enterprises, is an evolutionary and organic process that has already created a new tool for business communication. And one of them is board software for providing productive corporate management.

Choosing an online boardroom service can play a key role in uniting the employees on whom the future of the company depends. For the formation of joint solutions to take place with maximum efficiency, it is important to find a platform that can:

  • close all tasks of joint interaction of employees;
  • create new opportunities;
  • provide safety;
  • save company resources.

How to choose the best Board software suitable for your business needs?

With a vast selection of options available, it can be tricky to determine which software is right for your board. While many of the solutions available will generally lessen costs in the long term, implementing them can be a costly process. Thus, picking the right software upfront is of great importance. When choosing services for holding a virtual board meeting remember the following requirements:

  • The fewer different instruments, the better. It will be difficult for participants to switch between different programs and tabs, and you risk losing them. In addition, the possibility of technical problems increases.
  • Access should be very easy, ideally, no registration is
  • Use the familiar. If your members are already familiar with online streaming platforms, then they won’t need to spend time learning a new interface.

The best board software options

Between the numerous board portal solutions available  we have selected the best ones with a wide array of features:

  • Boardable

It is one of the most popular online conferencing platforms. Allows you to exchange messages on all types of devices. The maximum number of participants who can simultaneously participate in a video conference is 1000 employees. There is a virtual whiteboard where you can take notes and keep records. The test version is free with a 40 minute limit for a group conference.

Possibilities: round-the-clock technical support; cloud recording; file transfer; group work; user administration; single sign-on (an authentication system that allows participants to use multiple applications using a single set of credentials); creation of reports.

  • Diligent

The platform can simultaneously support communication in a group of 20 to 5000 people. The tools make it possible to conduct online testing and surveys. The platform does not require installation, it is enough to register in the browser. Supported on all devices. You can go on air within 10 seconds. Allows 10 speakers to speak at the same time.

Possibilities: screen demonstration; full HD and Ultra HD webinar and conference recording; technical support; High-quality communication; text chat; voting tool; mailing service.

  • Boardmaps

The platform makes it possible to conduct online conferences for 250 employees. May interact with G Suite services (Google Calendar and email invitations). You can work with joint documents without the Internet. If an employee loses the gadget, you can block the account due to the ability to manage endpoints.

Possibilities: compatible with Microsoft Outlook; task management; voting tool; offline viewing; access multiple boards and committees.