Tips for Running Effective Meetings

The progress in improving board structures and meetings can be an internal need if the company understands the role of the board in creating value.

The role of the board of directors in corporate management

The structure of the board of directors plays a key role in achieving a balance between managers and directors of the company. However, the effectiveness of the board of directors is ultimately determined not only and not so much by its structure. What sets the tone is professional ethics, independence, and the ability of board members and company leaders to work in a team. A truly effective board requires more than just proper structure; board members must be active, well-informed, and represent a wide range of professional backgrounds and perspectives. Teamwork must be combined with the ability to offer constructive criticism to top managers and peers on the board. All these aspects are important for running effective meetings.

Tips on how to run an effective online board meeting

Business meetings have moved to the virtual world, but it still takes a lot of work to organize them well. How to properly organize an online board meeting and what to consider when choosing a venue for meetings?

It is best to start preparations two months before the event. Then you will have time to work through all the stages. So, here are the steps that will lead you to success:

  • Think over the topic and program of the board meeting. Please note that a conference is not a collection of unrelated reports. Think of it more as a mini-course that needs an educational strategy and clear presentation logic. In this case, the audience will be motivated to spend as much time as possible at the event.
  • Choose a platform for your online Note that there are no perfectly stable platforms. Anything can happen. Therefore, take your time for tests, make sure that the technical support of the platform is always in touch. In this case, board portals are the best alternatives as they provide a secure collaborative environment.
  • Keep in touch with viewers. Share the key points of the speakers in the chat, send illustrations, infographics, and additional links.
  • Collect feedback. Create a questionnaire in Google Forms, ask participants to rate the general organization of the conference and separately each speaker. It will be useful to send questionnaires to participants and spectators and collect feedback to make the next event even better and more professional.

What are the advantages of board portals?

Board meeting in real-time over the Internet is easy enough. The advantages of online work are as follows:

  • to carry out the event, you only need a special program for the online conference, many of which are free;
  • required components – microphone, internet connection, computer, and webcam; there is no need to purchase additional equipment or create complex infrastructure;
  • multipoint connection – people from different parts of the world can take part in such a conference;
  • renting a conference room in the past – each event participant can be at his workplace and at the same time look at other sites, work synchronously with other documents;
  • profitable savings – reduction of financial costs for renting a hall or paying for a business trip;
  • fast and effective training and informing clients;
  • high efficiency – research shows that conference participants work more efficiently in the office than on a business trip.